• Analyses

    We provide analyses that strengthen our client’s knowledge base to enable them to make important decisions, assess business critical conditions, change processes, framework conditions, political decisions, market positioning and media relations.
  • Management Consulting

    We provide management consulting services that strengthens the impact of management and the company, both externally and internally, for sparring during demanding processes or to provide an external perspective on day to day activities.
  • Public Relations

    We assist our clients with public affairs and influencing political authorities, ministries, directorates, supervisory boards and other authorities, including tailored processes for putting our clients’ issues on the agenda, and building relationships to reach and gain support among stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Communications consulting

    We consult on strategic, tactical and operational levels. This includes advising on communications and marketing strategies, stakeholder management, assistance with negotiations, media relations, investor relations and financial communications, as well as ongoing consulting services for implementing specific plans or handling particular situations.
  • Crisis communication

    We provide assistance with crisis communication, both in terms of handling emergencies or crises, as part of specific preparations in connection with potentially critical situations, and as part of the development of an efficient crisis management apparatus.