What we do

Mørland & Johnsen Analysis and Communication has a highly specialised team, providing strategic advisory for businesses, organisations and institutions.

Our core business includes conducting analyses to provide our clients with a firm foundation for making challenging decisions and policy choices, advising senior management and consulting on communications at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

We promote our clients’ interests in the market, in political decision-making processes, governmental regulatory work and towards supervisory authorities, in the media landscape and in situations involving demanding negotiations, conflicts and tensions.

The company has extensive political, media and business networks. Our advisors are among the most experienced with regard to political processes, public affairs and media relations. Mørland & Johnson currently has clients in manufacturing, brand name management, health care and pharmaceuticals, offshore and energy, the food industry, media, IT and telecommunications, real estate, finance, tourism, athletics/volunteer organisations, research and education.

What we believe in:

We believe in a tailoring our approach to each individual job. We base our advice on our client’s objectives, an analytical approach, thorough investigations of the surroundings and stakeholder landscape and insight into formal and informal decision-making processes.

We believe that to give good advice, our advisors must have extensive knowledge of the client’s business, industry, competitive conditions and constraints.

We believe in discretion because the client and the client’s goal come first, not the advisor.

We do not take on new customer relationships that could conflict with our existing clients’ interests.